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Meet Gregory DeBoer: aka New York's Finest TRASH

gregory .jpeg
police badge offical.jpg
grey face.jpeg

Clearly, not a Port Washington Cop. Port Washington, has got the Sexiest Cops, you can imagine; and those are FACTS. 

Anyways, here are his Credentials:

greg d linkedin.jpg

His Hideous Outward Appearance:

Together with his Police Corruption:

Fits the Exact definition: of a PIG.

And What do Pigs get?                                                                                           


- Christy 35:08

Fun Facts About Greg

1. Hobbyist on UTOPIAGUIDE.PL                     

    User Handle: Trader1 😂


2. RELENTLESSLY Cyberbullies Women

    On that Website:

     For Refusing to See Him.

     Sponsored by:

     Your Blood, Sweat And Tears:

     AKA Your Tax Dollars.


3. Is Obsessed with Trump:

    Even though Trump,

     Don't Know Him.


4. Fucked with the Wrong Bitch:

     And Not In The Way:

     He Would Like.


5. Worships Satan Because:

     God Made His Dick Small: On Purpose.

6. Went to Catholic School; 

    Which means he got Molested:

     By the Priest. 😂


7. Keyboard Gangster:

    Who Hides:

     Behind his Computer:

     Because he is a COWARD

     And a WOMEN ABUSER:

     In Real Life. 

8. Went as Faras to Create:

    New Emails and Phone Numbers:


     Just So, He Can:

      Continue to: Harass Me.


8. 'He sent me Texts and Emails:

    Day in and Night Out:

    For 40 Days and 40 Nights."

                - Christy 35:07

10. Which Drove Him Crazy.

       He Got Caught Slipping.


11. The Moment he Used:

        His Actual:

      @Email Address. 🥳 😂

Greg entire email.jpeg
Old MF: Now age 56

More Humiliating Facts, About Greg

Address: 183 Beach 121st Street
                Rockaway Park, NY, 11694

1. Racist MF. 

2.  Insults my Skin Color and Weight:

     While ironically, having the Skin and Shape, of an Actual Pig; UNREAL

3. Bald MF. Cannot grow Hair, Anymore:

    From the Stress, Of Being Ugly.

4.  So UGLY, He Has to Pay, for Intercourse:


5. Is Blacklisted Several Times:

    On Prostitution Platforms.

6. Prostitutes Who:

   Took One For The Team:


7.  Reported Foul Odor


      a Limp Shrimp Dick.


8. He Went As Far:

     As To Hire.

      Even The Most, Oppressed Prostitute:

      That Being The: Transgender Community.


      Male Homosexual Prostitutes

       Whom He Used:

       For His Own Sick Pleasure.


9. Got Snitched on, in a fit of Rage; by his Homie: JD Risotto: from Westbury; Another, Ninja Keyboard Warrior! 

jd verification.jpg
jd risotto.jpg

←Stalker: Used this Email; because he was blocked on:

person information jd.jpg
Old MF: Now age 42 

Address: 535 Pacing Way

                Westbury, New York 11590

related people.jpg

←Yo Momma a bitch

Get her!
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